It is no secret that the telecommunications industry is experiencing rapid change.Major players like AT&T are changing their focus from land-lines to wireless and broadband data services. While new players are making their mark and grabbing market share.

The buzz word is VoIP and how it applies to traditional telephone equipment.  While everyone is talking about VoIP Hosted systems, here in Connecticut the success rate is mixed.

Traditional copper lines have been around for over 100 years and for the most part provide reliable service, but lack the features that are increasingly in demand for a mobile workforce.

VoIP claims to fill the need for decentralized communications and lower cost. Unfortunately VoIP is not a one size fits all technology. Integrating voice networks and data networks is not for the faint of heart.  IT vendors are struggling to learn and implement real time QOS over old infrastructure that was never designed to carry voice traffic.

Any time you find yourself on the “bleeding edge” of a technological change there will be pain, but there is always a promise of better things to come.